Escaping Dubai? Head To Khasab In Oman

It was March 2009 when I first came to this beautiful place. I booked alone for this trip to escape the City. I was not allowed by that time to travel out of the country because you need to at least be one full year in the company. So, I’m jumping from one place to another within UAE, alone.. Yes, traveling has been my destiny even before I got married.  Continue reading


My Hand Painted Tees Etcetera


It all began when the one of our room looks completely empty, I took out my pencil & sharpener and start drawing on the wall. By the time I’m excited to paint it, I realized that paints are expensive (ha! to cover the whole wall!) Yes, I can use spray paints or even latex paints, but not really a pro, so I leave it as it is. Continue reading